CT protocol comparison

Operating the systems is made very simple and intuitive thanks to the MOLECUBES graphical user interface.
During X-CUBE study set-up, the user can choose between 3 programmed protocols: high resolution, general purpose and high throughput. With every selection, the user can also opt for reduced dose scanning.

The protocol of choice depends on the application. For anatomical correlation, a high throughput low dose 25s acquisition could be sufficient. Contrast enhanced vessel imaging requires the high resolution protocol.

The images below provide an illustration of the 3 different CT protocols, and their low dose equivalent. All data was reconstructed using the iterative protocol and a voxel size of 200 µm. The low dose high throughput full body mouse scan, with a dose below 2.8 mGy and an acquisition time of only 25 seconds is noisy and therefore, the user can add a certain level of noise reduction during reconstruction to obtain an image which is sufficient for anatomical correlation.

HR= High resolution
GP= General purpose
HT= High throughput

LD= low dose

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