Dynamic [18F]-FDG PET-MR in a glioblastoma rat model

In this application we show the possibilities for high-resolution brain imaging and compatibility of our β-CUBE with preclinical MR-systems. A glioblastoma rat model was injected with 250 µCi (9.25 MBq) immediately after scan initiation. A 50 minute dynamic PET acquisition was done and the data was reconstructed into 39 frames ranging from 5 to 300 seconds. A gadolinium enhanced T1 MRI was done for anatomical correlation.

The region of interest around the tumor was delineated on the PET-MR coregistered image using PMOD version 3.8 in order to obtain the tumor time activity curve.

Left: PET-MR, PET: average of 5 last frames; middle: gadolinium enhanced T1 weighted MRI; right: PET time activity curves

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