Dose reduction study with [99mTc]-DMSA

In this application we show the use of our γ-CUBE. The high-sensitivity, high-resolution SPECT imager allowing whole-body mouse and rat imaging. 99mTc-DMSA is a SPECT tracer that is taken up in the cortex of the kidneys, and is used to assess renal function.

Here we used this tracer to perform a SPECT dose reduction study. Mice were injected with 99mTc-DMSA and scanned ± 4 hours post injection (activity at moment of scanning between 1.68 – 24 MBq). The GP mouse collimator was used with a scan protocol of 30 minutes and data was reconstructed at a 250 µm voxel size. A general purpose CT scan was consequently taken using the X-CUBE, for anatomical correlation.

The image below shows that at severely reduced activity the uptake and image quality remains. This shows the γ-CUBE is both a high-sensivity as high-resolution multi-purpose system.

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