OLD – MOLECUBES Webinar – 11th of December 2019 – 16:00 CET

In this session, Dr. Unai Cossío will present the ongoing research activities at CIC biomaGUNE, with a focus on how the high throughput imaging possibilities of the CUBES have enabled and aided their research.



Positive Impact of High Throughput Imaging on Preclinical Research
Ongoing research at CIC biomaGUNE


Dr. Unai Cossío
Radioimaging and Image Analysis Platform, CIC biomaGUNE


Dr. Cossío joined the Radiochemistry and Nuclear Imaging group at CIC biomaGUNE in 2014, where he carried out his PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Jordi Llop. He has been working on the development of different radiolabeling strategies of nanoparticles and evaluation of these with PET or SPECT. In 2018, he obtained his PhD at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). Dr. Cossío is currently working at CIC biomaGUNE as Radioimaging and Image Analysis Platform Manager, where he leads the operations of image acquisition, reconstruction and analysis. In addition, he assists the researchers at CIC biomaGUNE with experimental design, is responsible for training and equipment’s calibration and maintenance.

After Dr. Cossío’s talk, MOLECUBES will shortly highlight features and tools we developed, further enabling high throughput imaging. Imaging acquisition throughput can be increased by shorter scan times using a high sensitivity PET system and increasing the number of animals in the field of view, by means of a dedicated multi-mouse hotel. In addition, image reconstruction can also increase throughput by the use of the External Reconstruction Server (ERS), in which multiple datasets can be reconstructed simultaneously. During this time, a selection of questions posed during the webinar will be made and answered live, all other questions will be answered by email regardless.


This webinar will appeal to anyone interested in preclinical imaging research, and especially researchers with a need for high perfomance imaging combined with high throughput should definitely join this live webinar!

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MOLECUBES Webinar December 2019

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