Small footprint/high throughput: multiple mouse PET-CT imaging

Most experimental designs require a large number of animals. To reduce the total number of imaging studies, the total number of radiosyntheses and to reduce the required tracer amount, multiple-animal scanning techniques are desired. High-throughput multi-mouse imaging can be easily done using our rat bed and mouse hotel. Up to 4 mice can be imaged simultaneously.

In the current study, whole-skeleton assessment was done using 18F-NaF PET-CT. 4 mice were injected with approximately 50 µCi (1.85 MBq) radiotracer. After an uptake period of 30 minutes, the 4 mice were placed in the rat bed using a mouse hotel. Then, a 10 minute PET acquisition was done, followed by a general purpose CT scan for anatomical correlation.

It was demonstrated that the mouse hotel allows high-throughput PET-CT imaging without resolution loss.


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