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Discover the value of imaging in immuno-oncology research

MOLECUBES will be attending the tumor models for immuno-oncology summit (formerly PREDICT) in San Francisco from January 24 to January 26. Meet our colleague Nas Imus and Loïc Vervaeke and learn how the CUBES can accelerate your research. Looking forward to meeting you in San Francisco!

Advantages of small animal imaging in oncology research

To reach the clinic in record time, it’s crucial to test new oncology therapies in systems that reflect human disease. Currently, many animal models are available that mimic human cancers, like patient-derived xenografts, orthotopic mouse models, sca olds that can be implanted and that mimic human disease, etc. In oncology research, animals are used to evaluate in vivo pharmacokinetics of a new compound, or in efficacy studies of new treatment schemes.

Preclinical imaging is increasingly being used in oncology research as it provides results that can easily be translated from bench to bedside. This whitepaper focusses on the value of imaging in oncology research, and shows 3 case studies.


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