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Discover the value of preclinical molecular imaging in neuroscience research

MOLECUBES will be exhibiting at Neuroscience 2022 in San Diego, from November 12 to 16. Stop by our booth #2700 and discover how preclinical molecular imaging can accelerate your neuroscience research. Looking forward to meeting you in San Diego!

The added value of preclinical imaging for your neuroscience research

And why MOLECUBES is the ideal partner

Did we trigger your interest? Starting imaging is easier than you might expect!

Key takeaways

• Preclinical imaging can support many research fields by providing an impressive amount of new and integrated in vivo insights into the complex nature of many diseases.

• As a non-invasive and longitudinal research tool, it is fully compliant with the 3Rs principles which allows the researchers to study disease in real time in a quantitative manner at a molecular level. Additionally, it provides the ability to repeatedly and non-invasively monitor disease onset, progression and treatment response. Importantly, preclinical imaging can also increase your research throughput significantly.

• With a few simple considerations, incorporating preclinical imaging to your workflow is now obtainable. MOLECUBES is there to support and assist throughout the entire process.


What makes MOLECUBES stand out?

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