CT installation at Institut Curie (Orsay, France)

We are proud to announce that MOLECUBES has installed a CT imaging platform at Institut Curie (Orsay) in the lab of dr. Marie Dutreix.

The Institute Curie Research Center is a world-class multidisciplinary organization, ranked in the top 1% by the International Science Index, created in 1909 by Nobel Laureate Marie Curie bringing together France’s largest center in cancer research and a model hospital group dedicated entirely to the care of cancer patients. The scientists of Institut Curie laboratories have access to state-of-art core facilities. 

The X-CUBE will be used for longitudinal follow up of Flash therapy induced radiation effects like pulmonary fibrosis and tumor volume and precise irradiation therapy planning. Longitudinal imaging and evaluation of irradiation therapy requires low dose CT scanning options, and this is exactly where the X-CUBE was developed for: quick and low dose full body mouse and rat acquisitions. In addition, the CUBE was chosen because of its small size and footprint and  its intuitive workflow, which lowered the barrier to insource the imaging equipment. Lastly, the team appreciates the flexible and collaborative spirit of the MOLECUBES team, in order to have a partner along the way for study optimization.