Molecular imaging: game changing insights

Starting preclinical imaging – Easier than you might think

The added value of preclinical imaging

And why MOLECUBES is an ideal partner

4 reasons to start with preclinical imaging
  1. Preclinical imaging is an ethical and animal friendly research approach
  2. Preclinical imaging provides a holistic in vivo view on anatomical and molecular processes
  3. Preclinical imaging offers increased statistical power of your preclinical study
  4. Preclinical imaging provides valuable insights for a broad range of application fields
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Starting imaging: Easier than you might think

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • The value of imaging in preclinical research
  • The impacts and benefits of preclinical imaging in the field of oncology, neurology, drug discovery and development
  • A practical guide on how to insource preclinical imaging

State-of-the-art modular bench-top solutions from MOLECUBES make molecular imaging more accessible for a wider community of researchers in the field of preclinical drug discovery and development, fundamental and translational research. The CUBE platform enables you to retrieve integrated in vivo information that cannot be derived from other individual techniques requiring samples.

At MOLECUBES, we believe that molecular imaging should be accessible to every research lab. MOLECUBES has therefore made it its mission to lower the barrier to preclinical PET, SPECT and CT imaging by providing compact, intuitive, flexible benchtop imaging solutions with the highest performance, supported by fast and simple workflows.

What makes MOLECUBES stand out?

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Worldwide dedication

Our team, with its roots in scientific research, combines more than 20 years of experience in hardware and software development. MOLECUBES is well aware of the many challenges faced by researchers and focuses on a fluent and user-friendly workflow that puts high quality output, increased throughput and ease of use at its center.

Niek Van Overberghe
Katarzyna Desrocques
Loïc Vervaeke
Nas Imus
Xin Chen
Robin Durand
The features we appreciate most are the wide range of applications that can be covered, along with a great simplicity of use, beautiful images and accessibility.
— George Loudos, founder and CEO BIOEMTECH, Greece