Highest combined sensitivity and resolution at the smallest footprint

Your end-to-end solution fitting any lab space

MOLECUBES offers the highest performing PET and SPECT systems in terms of combined image resolution and sensitivity over the large fields of view, at the most compact footprint. The modular PET/SPECT/CT platform, built on proprietary detector technology, advances imaging performance to sub millimeter resolution on all modalities. Since imaging is about a lot more than scanning alone, we have integrated animal preparation, physiological monitoring, system operation, and data reconstruction/postprocessing into our CUBEFLOW software suite. Our systems are designed by users for users. Find out how modular and benchtop imaging is a game changer in terms of performance, logistics, and above all, ease of use.

Hardware designed to maximize trial throughput and accuracy

Designed from within an operational animal core, the platform offers more than just scanning. All hardware and software, developed over the entire imaging chain from animal preparation to data postprocessing, has been designed for high throughput scanning as well as to provide the best combined sensitivity and resolution over large fields of view. When throughput and accuracy matter, our end-to-end solution from animal handling and physiological monitoring to wireless image acquisition and image reconstruction ensures reproducible data with a possible daily throughput of over 50 mice in a single PET/CT or SPECT/CT static setup. The systems are portable, self-calibrating and can be repositioned over multiple labs if needed. Finally, they are also designed to be placed inside BSL2 and BSL3 environments for temporary as well as permanent use.

Answering to academic and industrial application fields

The fastest dynamic scanning in PET in the market enables unprecedented imaging of whole-body biological processes. Image quantification and SUV measurements in highly detailed anatomical regions in PET and SPECT, trabecular bone and lung volume measurements in CT at extremely low doses, are just a few of the unique applications and features that are possible with our systems. In SPECT, multi-isotope imaging as well as theranostics applications are standard practice through a range of available dedicated collimators. Over 50 academic and industrial studies in neurology, cardiology, inflammation, oncology and drug development based on MOLECUBES technology have already been published.