Molecubes meets Manhattan

We are excited to share that MOLECUBES, with the support of LabLogic,  has installed a full PET-SPECT-CT imaging platform at the Preclinical Imaging Lab of NYU Langone Health. In addition, a second X-CUBE will be installed in the colocated BSL3 lab, marking the continued uptake of the CUBES in these strict and difficult-to-access environments.

The newly installed CUBES will bring about an excellent transition from incumbent systems, and will enable a big leap in terms of image quality, usability and throughput.

Propelling research across multiple fields

The CUBES fall under the responsibility of Professor Youssef Wadghiri, Director of the Preclinical Imaging Lab and Professor of Radiology at NYU Langone.

The power of having a full PET-SPECT-CT set-up is the breadth of studies that can be performed with them.

The key areas for breakthrough advances will be in advanced NASH studies, developing new biomaterials and creating advanced opportunities for the clinical researchers to work with state of the art preclinical PET and SPECT systems.

Plug and play installation

Next to the translational impact the install will have on research (some preclinical work was still performed on clinical imagers) – the plug and play concept is what convinced NYU to favor the CUBES.

Not only is the smallest footprint useful in a place with one the world’s highest price per square footage, it also enables installation of the CUBES in BSL3+ environments to support research on highly contagious and infectious diseases. 

Ultimately, we are excited that our CUBES made it to the Big Apple. We are very much looking forward to our continued collaboration with NYU Langone. We wish Professor Wadghiri and his team all the best in their research efforts!