MOLECUBES PET/SPECT/CT at Ghent University, Belgium

MOLECUBES has installed a PET/SPECT/CT benchtop combination at Ghent University’s preclinical imaging lab, INFINITY. The lab is run by Prof. Christian Vanhove, is a consortium of research laboratories of the UGent University. It is a state-of-the-art mouse and rat imaging lab, providing fast and reliable services. Situated on a central location, the campus of the Ghent University Hospital, the lab is easily accessible. Infinity offers its instrumentation and interdisciplinary research team to academic partners and to the industry.

The major current research domains of INFINITY are multi-modality imaging for the evaluation of pathophysiology in neurological diseases, the visualization of neuroplasticity and neuroreceptor expression, the evaluation of pathophysiology in cardiovascular diseases, cancer imaging including target expression, tumor metabolism and tumor environment, imaging of angiogenesis and inflammation, development of theranostic approaches by combining diagnosis and therapy delivery. However, our imaging facilities can be used for any research that involves scanning subjects no bigger than a large rat.