PET-CT installation at the VUB, Belgium

We are very excited to announce that MOLECUBES recently installed a state of the art PET-CT imaging platform at the ICMI Core Facility, VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). The addition of these CUBES for PET and CT imaging will allow the researchers to perform studies with a high spatial and, most importantly, a significantly improved temporal resolution. This will allow biodistribution studies with frame lengths down to 1 second. In combination with the proprietary mouse hotel accommodating up to 4 mice for extra throughput, we are confident to boost scientific discovery at this topnotch imaging facility.

Plug and play installation

The benchtop format of MOLECUBES allowed this installation and training to be done in record time. In less than a week, the systems were installed and the researchers were trained by our expert application support team.

Advancing single domain antibody discovery

The CUBES fall under the responsibility of Prof. Dr. Nick Devoogdt and Prof. Dr. Sophie Hernot, both strong Key Opinion Leaders in the field of single domain antibody development and their imaging applications. Single domain antibodies, also called nanobodies, hold promising characteristics for drug development in the field of immuno-oncology, pain management (Ablynx, Confo Therapeutics,…) and many other fields. The booming field of targeted radioligand therapy that revolves around developing novel targeted radiopharmaceuticals, is a well-established ecosystem in the Brussels region with companies such as Precirix, Abscint, and hopefully many more to actively collaborate with the ICMI core facility. At MOLECUBES we are very excited to contribute to the further understanding and development of these promising molecules.


Special shout out to Schaschlik the Alpaca (purple lab mascot, see photo), who clearly approves the installation of this B-X-CUBE. Schaschlik is on a mission to educate people about the wonders of nanobodies and nuclear molecular imaging via his Instagram: › schaschlik_the_alpaca . A mission that we, at MOLECUBES, strongly support.