Practical aspects of an imaging study: live demo

Non-invasive preclinical imaging can be applied in many research fields including oncology, neuroscience, drug development and many more. However, setting up an imaging study might be considered as challenging without imaging experience. In this webinar, MOLECUBES will present a live in vivo demonstration, showing the entire workflow from animal preparation, over image acquisition and reconstruction to basic image postprocessing. This webinar will provide confidence and insights in the practical aspects of an imaging experiment, together with an overview of the key features of the CUBES, including their ease of use and possibility to position them in any existing lab.

A healthy mouse was injected with 18F-FDG and a PET-CT acquisition will be performed. In addition, the SPECT-CT workflow was demonstrated. After data reconstruction, basic image postprocessing was shown in PMOD, together with a brief overview of quantitative data that can be derived from the images.

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