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MOLECUBES PET/SPECT/CT at University of Chicago, USA

MOLECUBES will install a PET/SPECT/CT whole-body rat and mouse benchtop imaging solution at the University of Chicago, USA, in the Integrated Small Animal Imaging Research Resource (iSAIRR) core facility. The iSAIRR facility is co-directed by Chin-Tu Chen, Ph.D. and Brian Roman, Ph.D and integrates multiple imaging modalities including magnetic resonance, ultrasound and optical with imaging chemistry. The laboratory’s approach is to combine modern physiological and molecular biological techniques with imaging modalities, thus providing the ability to conduct studies ranging from single cell to whole-body rodent. The iSAIRR is the beneficiary of funding support from the Biological Sciences Division and the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center. The MOLECUBES imaging solution will be installed nearby the recently commissioned Cyclotron Facility.


MOLECUBES at SNMMI booth #910

MOLECUBES will be present at the SNMMI in Denver, BOOTH #910, from June 10th to 14th. We are looking forward to updating you on the most recent applications of our β-CUBE, γ-CUBE and X-CUBE as well as to providing you with an interactive experience of its animal bed functionality. Also, Pieter Mollet, PET R&D team, will be presenting: “The β-CUBE, a high-end compact preclinical benchtop PET for total body imaging”, on June 13th from 8:00 to 8:10 AM in Room 705/707.


MOLECUBES PET/CT at Universitätsklinikum Essen, Germany

MOLECUBES will install its PET/CT full body rat and mouse imaging solution at Universitätsklinikum Essen, Germany in the Preclinical Imaging Laboratory of Prof. Ken Herrmann. Professor Herrmann chairs the Department of Nuclear Medicine. In addition to his clinical focus on modern hybrid imaging technologies and innovative theranostic concepts, Prof. Herrmann aims to contribute and translate preclinical imaging research results more quickly into clinical use. Over the past years he has already led research projects in the field of translational medicine at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

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13.09.2017 — 16.09.2017
WMIC 2017 – Philadelphia
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05.10.2017 — 07.10.2017
AGRR 2017 – Munich
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21.10.2017 — 25.10.2017
EANM – Vienna
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21.10.2017 — 28.10.2017
2017 IEEE – Atlanta
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20.11.2017 — 23.11.2017
Molecular Imaging 2017 – San Sebastian
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At MOLECUBES we provide three separate benchtop imagers or “CUBES”. The γ-CUBE (SPECT), β-CUBE (PET) and X-CUBE (CT) are perfectly suited for in vivo multimodal whole body rat and mouse imaging. User-friendliness and expert servicing with no compromise on image quality is what we stand for.


The γ-CUBE is our high-resolution, high-sensitivity micro-SPECT scanner using patented collimator design.

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The X-CUBE is our high-throughput micro-CT scanner allowing sub-minute acquisition at extremely low doses.

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The β-CUBE is our sub-millimeter, high-sensitivity whole body mouse and rat micro-PET scanner.

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Although small in footprint and easy to operate we assure high image quality. All cubes are state-of-the-art in terms of resolution, sensitivity and reconstruction software.


Our cubes work like twins. Operating on the same software platforms they function as easily in modular as stand-alone mode.


You decide where and how to design your lab. All systems fit standard lab tables, are (trans)portable and GLP-proof.

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MOLECUBES is a spin-off of Ghent University and it’s preclinical INFINITY lab. Combining more than 15 years of experience in hardware and software development, all systems are designed and built by a young team who have been end-users themselves. The engineering team is completed by a sales and management team with a long track record in the preclinical arena. We are one call away from helping you out.